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About the RocketKOR Platform

What is RocketKOR?

The RocketKOR platform is designed for developers from the ground up. As a Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform, RocketKOR provides consumer and business focused services and solutions you can easily embed into your own products and services.

Our API-based solutions enable businesses to send money in real-time to business or consumer Mastercard and VISA debit cards as well as eligible Discover cards. In addition, our ACH (Automatic Clearing House) solution facilitates electronic money transfers to any business or consumer bank account.

We also support non-developers – such as your Management, Operations, and Support teams – through the RocketKOR Portal. The Portal allows you to perform many of the same functions as the APIs using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. You can create and manage transactions, recipients, and financial accounts; quickly search for transactions and recipients; and create and view notes. You can also use the Portal to manage your RocketKOR settings such as transaction limits, roles and permissions, and user access.

Microservice Architecture

The RocketKOR platform is built on a highly secure microservice architecture. This architecture provides a secure foundation, allowing the platform to:

  • Integrate with all users (web, mobile, API)
  • Manage all integrations with external providers (financial institutions, aggregation providers, identity providers, processors, etc.)
  • Hold the business logic
  • Manage all persistence data sources

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RocketKOR Microservice Architecture (Conceptual View)

The RocketKOR platform uses three key service types.

  • Business services represent business workflows; their main function is to coordinate activity between microservices. Business services are modular, meaning services can be added, updated, or removed as needed.
  • Gateway services handle all connectivity and protocol management with external providers. Using a single gateway with multiple providers of the same function (for example: MX, Fiserv, Plaid) creates efficiency and consistency.
  • Function services form the core of the platform and manage the persistency of the application.


RocketKOR is an advanced cloud native (AWS) platform designed for extreme scale, high security, and exceptional business flexibility.

The architecture is built with flexible fine-grained components that can be individually scaled as needed.

  • A cloud architecture allows us to monitor and dynamically adapt to changing business needs.
  • Generic, independent components, orchestrated through a thin business process layer, allow us to construct custom FinTech solutions without customizing the platform.

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